Current City Projects

Improvements are being made all around the City. If you have questions, comments or concerns about any project in the City, please do not hesitate to contact us at 616-772-0870 or by email. We are here to serve.

2018 Projects

Alpine & Colonial Road Reconstruction Project

Beginning this spring, the City will be reconstructing Alpine (from Jefferson to Colonial) and Colonial (from Washington to Main) streets. Improvements from this project will include sanitary sewer, water main replacement, new curb/gutter/sidewalks and historical street lights. The project schedule at this time is as follows:

Bid Opening/Bid Award:  Early April
2nd Public Information Meeting: 6:00 PM, April 11, 2018 at the Howard Miller Library & CC
Begin Construction: Mid-April or early May (depending on weather)
Project Completion: July 2018

Site Progress to Date

  • Removal of curb, roads, existing sanitary
  • New water main has been installed and pressure tested. New sanitary sewer and manholes have been installed.
Upcoming Work

  • Sanitary sewer laterals and water services will be installed. CIPP lining of existing sanitary sewer will occur. Storm underdrains will be installed. Conduits will be coordinated with the Zeeland BPW and utilities and installed.

Rich Avenue Reconstruction Project

Project Schedule

Neighborhood Information Meeting:
May 15, 2018
Project Bid & Award: May 31 / June 4, 2018
2nd Neighborhood Meeting: Mid-June
Begin Construction: Early July
Project Completion: End of October, 2018

This project will be a complete reconstruction of the roadway including the following improvements: sidewalk construction, sanitary sewer & water main replacement, storm sewer & historic street lighting.

I-196 BL/M-121 Intersection Reconstruction & Realignment

For information on this MDOT project, please click here. As updates are received from MDOT they will be posted here.

2019 Projects

Washington Avenue Reconstruction Project & Proposed Roundabout

In 2019 as part of the Washington Avenue Reconstruction project the city is proposing to add a roundabout at the west entrance of the city (intersection of West Washington and West Main). For more information on the proposed roundabout, please click on the links below:

Transportation Study Implementation Matrix

The City of Zeeland recently engaged the services of a professional transportation engineer to evaluate a number of transportation issues within the City of Zeeland. For information on the recommended changes and implementation time frame please click here.

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