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Street Department



The Street department consists of one supervisor, four full time equipment operators, one full time mechanic, and one part time employee that works at the Riley Street brush dump site and helps on street department tasks. These employees are responsible for 10.87 miles of Major streets, 19.49 miles of Local streets and 17 miles of storm sewer maintenance.

The daily maintenance of streets may consist of numerous different duties including blacktopping and patching, grading gravel, street sweeping, trimming trees, mowing shoulders of roadways, cleaning storm sewer catch basins, cleaning ditches with a backhoe, repairing manholes, painting "Stop" bars, "Parking" bars and crosswalks on streets, installing signs and sign posts, maintaining traffic signals; snow plowing and removal from city streets, sidewalks and parking lots. We are also responsible for salting city streets and roadways along with the maintenance and cleaning of the city's sanitary sewer system, fixing brick pavers and lighting system on Main Place , and also repairing the city's sidewalk and bike path system.

The Street Department also contributes to Pumpkinfest, Memorial Day Parades and other special occasions that the City of Zeeland offers. The various aspects of work in the street department make it challenging.

In the spring of 2008, reconstruction is planned for West Main from State Street west to Colonial Street, and Pine Street will be reconstructed from West Main to West Central. After July 2008, reconstruction will take place on West Main from Colonial to the West "Y."

The Street Department is involved in the designing and planning of future streets in the City of Zeeland . Our goal is to make the City of Zeeland streets as safe as possible while staying in the guidelines of the current budget. We are currently reworking our 25 year street plan to our allotted $800,000 per year for reconstruction of streets. This plan will also include the continuation of sidewalk and bike path construction.

Any Street Cut and Right-of-way permits may be obtained at City Hall which is located at 21 South Elm. Some of the special services that are provided by the City of Zeeland are City Spring Cleanup which is in April, Day of the Young Child also is held in April, Fall leaf pickup which takes place in November, and the Christmas Tree Pickup which takes place in January.


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