Storm Water Collection

The City of Zeeland has a storm water collection system that is separate from the wastewater collection system. In the streets there are storm water drains that capture the rain water as it falls on the streets and transfers it to collection pipes under the streets. These pipes discharge at various points in the City to open ditches and county drains and eventually to Lake Macatawa. It is important that we do not put anything down these catch basins that could pollute our ditches, streams and lakes. In 2003 the City received a storm water discharge permit from the State of Michigan. This permit requires the City of Zeeland to monitor the water that is discharged from the City of Zeeland. The permit is part of a program required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the State of Michigan to reduce the amount of phosphorous released into Lake Macatawa. Zeeland, Holland, and Ottawa County are each permitted to discharge storm water and are working as a group to help clean up Lake Macatawa.

The City of Zeeland is working through the Macatawa Area Coordinating Council (MACC) to meet the storm water requirements. The MACC has a website containing a newsletter and showing projects that have been completed in the Lake Macatawa watershed.

If you notice any issues with the storm water system feel free to contact the City. We are all affected by the quality of the water and what is put into the water we eventually end up drinking.