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Zeeland Peddler's Market Application


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    1. An artfully and tastefully curious faire

      Thank you for your interest in Zeeland’s Peddlers’ Market! We are excited to host this semi-annual event in Downtown Zeeland. Please read the following information before applying. The application that follows is for: vintage furniture & décor; household goods & gifts; architectural salvage; farm to table treats; fresh flowers and botanicals; repurposed finds; handmade specialties; artwork; apparel and accessories; other curiosities. Pop-up shops encouraged to apply.

      Qualifications & Criteria
      This is a juried market; each applicant will submit photos of their products as well as a description of the goods that they will be selling. A committee will then review the application based on, but not limited to, several different factors including the qualifications listed below.

      Primary Qualifications for the Juried Process
      • Your products fit within the vision of Spring Peddlers’ Market, this means they are unique, tastefully crafted, trending and cheerful items.
      • Your products are of quality material.
      • Your work is overall consistent.
      • The average price of your items falls within what is typical of the rest of the market ($1-$250).